Our Mission

Calaeb Sapa’s Toys for Joy Championships aims to bring people together to help less fortunate children in our wonderful communities. Over seven successful years, we, along with the help of our community, have been fortunate enough to collect and donate almost 2,900 toys for the communities of Grand Forks, ND, and Dilworth, MN.

Toys for Joy 2022

Qualifying Shift #19:00 a.m.
Qualifying Shift #212:00 p.m.
Step Ladder Finals3:00 p.m.

About the Tournament

Over $7,000 in scholarships and cash prizes have been awarded over the past four years of the tournament.

The 2023 event will feature four divisions: youth scratch, youth handicap, adult scratch, and adult handicap.

Qualifying for all divisions consists of six games. After qualifying, the top five in each division will advance to a step ladder finals.

Both the qualifying and step ladder rounds will be live-streamed on Calaeb Sapa’s YouTube Channel: Calaeb Sapa.

2023 Registration

Youth Scratch


$1,300 Guaranteed

Youth Handicap


$700 Guaranteed

Adult Scratch


$400 Guaranteed

Adult Handicap


$400 Guaranteed

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